Legend Heritage

A selection of articles on the rich heritage of Legend yachts.

The Hunter Legend Story

How the Legend Brand has emerged and grown into the UK from USA

by LOA - 21/10/2020

What models are there in the Legend range?

Listed here are the yacht types manufactured by Hunter Marine and Marlow Hunter in the USA, some of which were also produced in the Luhrs Marine factory in Portland, UK.

by LOA - 20/10/2020

Who Buys a Legend?

In reality, we don't know who actually buys a Legend, but our records do tell us what people sell to buy a Legend.

by LOA - 19/10/2020

Why a Legend?

Mark and Liz Tipping share their experiences of buying a Legend

by Mark and Liz Tipping - 18/10/2020

Glenn Henderson - A Hunter Designer

Glenn Henderson, the designer of many Hunter / Legend Yachts, tells his own story

by Posted by LOA - 17/10/2020

The David Marlow Vision (part 1)

This reprinted article gives a flavour of the ethos of boat building at Marlow Hunter, both before David Marlow owned the business and after.

by Posted by LOA - 16/10/2020

The David Marlow Vision (Part 2)

(Continued reprint of article by David Marlow)

by LOA - 16/10/2020